Eat "Smart" with us

Low salt, low sugar, low fat: The "Smart Eating" menu line offers dishes based on a varied and balanced mixed diet and guaranteed to be under 600 calories! 

Daily Pasta

Whether it's macaroni, penne or spaghetti, there's a choice of pasta with two different sauces every day, which are offered in a new variation every week.


We are your catering partner for every occasion. Contact us.


The Hot Corner Bistro offers daily breakfast specials. Pasta is served at lunchtime. Those who prefer light cuisine will also find what they are looking for here. Our Smart Eating menu offers balanced dishes with less than 600 calories.

There is also a new hot sandwich and salad every week.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday
07.00 - 16.00 h, (from 16.00 h self-scanning)
Lunch service: 11.30 -14.00 h

Not open to public


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